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Story Lab Week 10: A letter to...

I wish you could be here...

So much has changed since you left. It seems like life is flying by so much faster now without our lengthy discussions about how the world works. I cling to the lessons you taught without trying. Like always maintaining an open mind; did you know trains can fly? Never giving up no matter how long the process may take; remember when you spent basically your whole young life in school? Staying patient and consistent; I hope to be there for someone in the ways you always were.

There's so much I need to hear from you...

You always knew what to do. Even if you didn't, you acted like you know what was going on. I need your help now more than ever. There's so many important decisions that I'm facing. I know you would help me see what the best course of action is without being biased. You were the best listener and my biggest supporter. There's so much left in life that I don't know. Who is going to challenge me and teach me at the same time…

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