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Reading Notes: Tibetan Folk Tales Part A

Overall Impressions:
The start to every story felt like a fairy tale, "Once upon a time..." etc. These stories felt similar to Aesop's fables. Both stories involve animals with human-like characteristics and they set out to teach lessons and instill morals. It was interesting to see the similarities between Tibetan morals and those of our own.

These stories were easy and enjoyable to read. They incorporated tricksters and elements of magic which are two of my favorite story elements. They were all a good length. They were long enough to sell the story but not too long where you started to get lost or bored in all the specifics.

I really enjoyed how each start to the story set the scene. It gave a clear picture of the location, time, and characters in the story. It is nice to have that initial set up before diving into the story.

I also enjoyed that the animals were the main proponents of the stories. It is fun to learn lessons on life through an animals pe…

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